Choosing a Multi-Technology Access Card Reader

A flexible access control system is a must for any organization that wants to grow with its customers or its industry. Especially for companies with an R&D department that needs to secure business secrets, a multi-card reader system is essential. This will allow the organization to accommodate older cards and make migration to newer systems easier. Additionally, legacy cards can be replaced location by location or through attrition. If you are looking for an access card solution, the following are some of the options to consider.

When choosing a smart access card system, make sure to choose one that is compatible with your current system. The smart access card will be compatible with both your existing magnetic strip and new proximity card readers, making the switchover process more efficient. The transition will be phased over time, with multiple teams working on it simultaneously. The biggest challenge will be issuing secure smartcard credentials to each employee. Once they have the new credentials, they will need to be programmed into the access control system, and the old, unsecure portion of the reader must be turned off.

If you are in need of a solution, a multi-technology reader will be most helpful. A single reader can accommodate both legacy and new secure smartcard technologies, so users can seamlessly transition from one system to another. Moreover, you can opt for project deployment services, which can help you complete the project on time and on budget. The most time-consuming part of the transition is issuing new secure smartcard credentials to each employee. Once they are issued, the new secure smartcard credentials will need to be programmed into the access control system and the unsecure part of the reader must be turned off.

As the transition from one technology to another is inevitable, the new access card system is an excellent way to increase security and increase safety. It will also be easier to manage the transition from one system to the next. By using a multi-technology smartcard, you can easily transfer users from one system to the other without any problems. You can also opt for a solution that offers multiple capabilities for your security needs. This will ensure that the new smartcard can accommodate your business' needs.

A multi-technology smartcard reader is an ideal option for a company with a large number of employees and a complex security policy. An access control card system will allow you to manage access with just one device. Depending on your needs and security requirements, you can choose from a combination of smartcard readers. If you need more than one type of card, it is wise to use a multi-technology smartcard reader. This will help you manage the cards of your employees more efficiently.